Welcome to KarBOOM!

KarBOOM is a local-multiplayer car-combat/soccer/rugby game for Windows, Mac & Linux by indie developer Jibb Smart. You can buy it most directly from me by scrolling down to "Get KarBOOM now!". KarBOOM is also available on Desura, ShinyLoot.com, and FireFlower Games.

KarBOOM features:

Get KarBOOM now!

This is the most direct way to buy KarBOOM. You'll get download links to KarBOOM for Windows, Mac & Linux that are always linked to your email address, making them easy to retrieve if you get a new computer. You'll also get a key to unlock the game on Desura, and buying through here gets me a bigger cut of the sale price than other distributors!


Alternatively, you can also get KarBOOM on Desura, ShinyLoot.com, and FireFlower Games!

Play the demo in your browser

If the demo doesn't load when you click on the above image, maybe you need to download the Unity webplayer.

Download the demo

KarBOOM 1.1 is available to buy for Windows, Mac & Linux. The demo doesn't reflect the changes of the 1.1 update, but playing the demo is still a pretty good way to get a taste of how the game works, and to get a good idea how well the game works on your computer. If it doesn't work, let me know so that maybe I can fix the problem!

Download the latest demo for your operating system via these links, or Desura users can play KarBOOM on Desura.


KarBOOM is on Steam Greenlight - that means it's waiting to get enough support from the Steam community to eventually get released on Steam. This'd be great for KarBOOM, as Steam is easily the most ubiquitous digital distributor of games. You can support KarBOOM on Steam Greenlight by clicking "yes" here!

If KarBOOM does become available on Steam, keys to unlock the game on Steam will be given to everyone who bought KarBOOM through this website or other distributors that allow Steam keys to be passed on to customers.



Indie DB

KarBOOM's not quite working? Found something wrong? Got ideas for potential future updates? Tell me about it! You can do this on IndieDB by commenting or sending me a message. IndieDB (the Indie Games Database) is a great way to find indie games and interact with their developers and other gamers.

You can also stay updated on KarBOOM and future games by following me, the developer of KarBOOM, @Jibbsmart on Twitter.

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A press kit is available here with fact sheet, screenshots, and videos.